Our biodegradable cleaners

All of our cleaners are natural and biodegradable. Clean it all, with complete confidence.

100% natural



Nanotechnology does all the work

The efficiency in our products is all thanks to nanotechnology. Let nature do the work, so you don’t have to.

Squeaky clean

TR33: All-purpose cleaner and disinfectant

The TR33 cleaner doesn’t just clean, it simultaneously disinfects your surfaces! Remarkably effective against salmonella, E. coli, listeria and most viruses, TR33 makes sure everything it touches is squeaky clean.


Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is the safest disinfectant.


For spotless floors, kitchens, bathrooms and anything you can think of.

Eat clean

Fruit & veggie cleaner

The Zap! fruit and veggie cleaner gets rid of noxious substances that may be on your produce, such as pesticides. It also prevents foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella, listeria, E. coli and the 229E human coronavirus.

Simply Zap!

Spray directly on your fruits and veggies, rinse, and enjoy. That’s it!


Naturally disinfect your produce with our 100% natural formula.

Clean, on-the-go

Travel Buddy: the travel-size cleaner

The Travel Buddy cleaner follows you everywhere : in the car, at work, at the gym and on vacation. Apply it on your hands or on any surface, scrub for 20 seconds, and get rid of all bacteria and viruses.

With you, everywhere

The Travel Buddy’s size lets you bring it with you everywhere you go.


Clean any surface with complete confidence : the Travel Buddy is non-toxic!

Start with your hands

Le Mousseux hand soap

This no-rinse hand soap instantly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your hands. Formulated with neither solvent nor alcohol, it disinfects your hands without drying them out or leaving a greasy residue.


The Le Mousseux hand soap requires no rinsing after use.

Soft on the skin

Naturally disinfect your hands without drying them.

When all else fails

Platinum : the heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner

The robust Platinum all-purpose cleaner performs where others fail. Designed for the most demanding stains, nothing stands in its way. 100% natural and non-toxic, it leaves a brilliant finish on all surfaces without damaging them.


The Platinum destroys grease, absorbs dirt and kills germs.


Despite its strength, the Platinum cleaner is 100% biodegradable.

No warnings on our labels

All of our products are risk-free for your health. So you’ll find no warnings on our labels.

You got some on your face? Don’t stress, our products consist only of natural and non-toxic ingredients. Clean all that you want, without worry.

Clean everything. Really, everything.

Nos nettoyants sont de vrais nettoyants tout usage: vous n’avez pas à vous demander s’ils abîmeront la surface que vous nettoyez. La réponse est non.

Get those ceramic floors, exotic wood furniture, and kitchen counters squeaky clean without the worry of dulling their finish!

Smart cleaning

Smart cleaning means using products that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for your family.

Smart cleaning is also about trusting science to clean effectively and save your hours of scrubbing.