Our mission

“Using science to create efficient and non-toxic cleaning products”

Cleaning products don’t need to be toxic to work. Developed through the use of 100% natural ingredients and reinforced with nanotechnology, all of our cleaners are as efficient as they are safe.

Clean with complete confidence.

Go ahead, clean.
The floor, the kids’ toys, the kitchen counter.
The toilets, the dog bowls, the stove.
Clean your hands.
Clean your produce too!

Our cleaning products contain nothing but natural ingredients, at no risk to your health.


All of our products are completely safe for your health. Clean what you want, where you want, without worry.

100% natural.

The efficiency in our products is all thanks to nanotechnology. Let nature do the work, so you don’t have to.

That much more efficient

Forget about green cleaners that don’t work. Our products provide the same cleaning power as traditional products, without the toxicity.

Based on science.

The effectiveness of our products is based on nanotechnology rather than on solvents or chemicals.

Let nanotechnology do the work

The effectiveness of our products comes from the use of organic nanoparticles, called micelles. 2500x smaller than the thickness of a sheet of paper, micelles annihilate grease molecules and kill bacteria.

Grease and grime don’t stand a chance

Upon contact, the micelles bind and attach themselves to the grease molecules’ atoms, which releases their grip on the surface. The grease molecules no longer have anything to hold on to, and a wipe down is all that is needed to clean up.

Kill viruses and bacteria

Micelles are also highly effective against viruses and bacteria. When micelles come into contact with the air, they produce hydroxide ions. These ions eliminate any bacteria or virus that stand in their way.

Fast as a Zap!

Life is too short to be spent scrubbing. Let the power of nanotechnology do the work for you. Grease, dirt, bacteria or virus : apply, wipe, and move on.

Science, at your service

Instantly clean any surface with our organic nanoparticle formulas. Less scrubbing, more time for the important things.

No need to rinse

Our rinse-free solutions require less work. Eliminate grease, bacteria, and viruses without the elbow grease!

Clean better while saving the planet!

Cleaning better means using effective cleaning products that are harmless to both your health and the environment. Cleaning better also means using fewer products to clean more surfaces efficiently.

Good for the planet, good for you.

Since everything you use ends up in the environment, we only use natural ingredients that are harmless to the planet.

Goodbye solvents. Goodbye CFCs!

Our products contain no solvents and emit no CFCs. Use them without worry in the kids’ room or on the dog’s toys.